Wait, who was that team last night? (Stars 4, PHX 0) & Superbowl

Dallas 4, Phoenix 0 (and one confused fan-base)

The Stars played just about perfect Saturday night. I don’t know where this team has been, and it seems a lot of people are asking that too. Sure, they have been great at home but last night’s effort was solid. They level of hockey that some thought this team could play this year, yet we have only seen it a handful of teams and all of them seem to come at the AAC. The home fans love going to the Stars games right now, because at home they look like a top 10 team most nights. Now box this crap up and take it on the road!!! At home they look like a brand new sports car, but on the road the look like a 20 year car that starts only a third of the time and has more worn-out parts then working ones. Now is the time to see, with their last three games before the Olympic break being on the road where they have only won 1 of their last 13 games.

Marty Turco again played great, three starts in a row now and three very strong performances. If Dallas is going to move him in an attempt to move towards the future and long-term goals then they should do it now. His stock has to be at the highest it has been all year. He is playing solid and if they keep him and want to make a run this will have to continue.

Jamie Benn played like a late 20s star scoring forward. He is only 20 and making the switch from wing to center because of this team having guys like Eriksson, Neal, Ott and Morrow playing the wings right now. But he does not look like a rookie switching positions in the NHL. He dropped in another 2 goals and was constantly in the middle of everything. AND he won 7 of 8 faceoffs, an area this team has had problems with this year.

Tuesday Dallas is in Chicago, and it looks like Ribeiro will finally be back in the line-up to try and play a few games before the break. A win in Chicago could be huge considering how frustrating this team has been on the road for the last 2 months.

Superbowl: I have to go Saints. I went on three different trips to New Orleans after the hurricanes to help and help rebuild the area, and I love the people and atmosphere of the city. And when the Saints came back and started winning afterwards I have followed them. Although I think the Colts might have a slight advantage, I will be rooting for the Saints. Have a safe and fun night peps!

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