Wait, the All-star break is over?

Kings 5, Stars 1

Well that was an exciting first game back, eh? The Dallas Stars returned from the Olympic break with the exact opposite type of effort they want and the fans hoped for. The Stars fall to the rival Kings 5-1 and looked like they forgot that they had a game last night. A few fans have said it was their worst effort of the season, and in a season where they have been very up and down, that is saying something. Although Turco didn’t look great, very little of this can be put on him as the defense was out of position and having problems with even fundamentals all night. Dallas has to turn around quickly and get themselves together, because this month they play a game every other day. This will mean little time to think about the last game and the need for them to bounce back quick when they do have a bad night. But this is not the time of the year they can keep putting out efforts like this. Yes they are still in the middle of it, with spots 6th-12th in the rankings only 9 points apart and 4th and 5th only a couple ahead, but the longer Dallas bounces around the bottom of that group the more likely it is other teams will get streaks together and jump ahead.

Dallas host the Blues tomorrow night, another match-up against a team that is in the middle of the playoff hunt with them. Let’s hope the Stars get back to their winning ways at home and get a solid win before having to head on a 3 game road-trip against three of the top teams in the East. Game starts @ 7:30 at the AAC, and I will be in the building again for this one

Speaking of the teams they are fighting for playoff spots with, today was the NHL’s trade deadline. Dallas ended up as one of only a few teams that did not make any moves in the last 48 hours up-to the 3ET deadline. Apparently Joe couldn’t get anything done that he liked, or just wanted to sit with the team that he has and see where they can end up. We knew with Lehtonen being added last month and Auld leaving on waivers over the Olympic break that Turco being traded was highly unlikely. And with this team’s strict payroll that making any moves would be hard. But it seemed like just about everyone in the West in the middle of it tried to improve or make a move besides Dallas.

(Here is a list of all the moves made: http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?page=10drafttradetracker)

Phoenix had a good day if you ask me, adding 2 forwards who can help their offense and a little D help, Anaheim made their big move earlier this year but made a couple small deals and swapped Ryan Whitney for Lubomir Visnovsky. LA didn’t make a big move like some thought they might, but added former Star Jeff Halpern and another veteran in Modin. Vancouver, St. Louis, and Nashville all make multiple moderate deals. I know Dallas wasn’t going to make any blockbuster or even just big trades, but it would have been nice to see the team try to make a small improvement or adjustment. Something to try and help the defense is what a lot of fans where hoping for, but alas nothing happened. It actually was very silent here, no rumors really at all. It was like the front office, just like the team last night, was still asleep and forgot that its back to business. So just as GM Joe has decided to do, all we can do now is just sit and wait….

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