I WON! Awesomeness to ensue tomorrow!

Sorry, but I am going to jump up on my high-horse right now and talk about myself for a quick second, because something amazing happened today. The Stars are hold a big contest that they have now had at the end of the season for a couple of years. It happens the final week of the season and is one of the biggest give-aways done each year. At the final home game of the season the winners of the contest win a pair of free tickets to the game, and afterwards they get to go down on the ice and meet the players. Then the winners get the sweater (hockey term for jersey) off the players back that they wore for that game and the player signs it and takes a couple of pictures with person who gets their jersey. It is a great contest idea, and something very memorable for the winners to meet a player one-on-one and get a signed game worn jersy in person, which to some is priceless but for a big name player can be worth between $500 and thousands of dollars.

So I am in downtown Ft. Worth today because I have jury duty and live in Tarrant county. I get selected as a reserve and had a few hours to walk around downtown and kill time until I had to be back to find out if they needed me or not. Sitting in the Barnes & Noble, resting my feet and drinking a Jones Juice drink, I get a call that I recognize is from the Dallas Stars (Years buying tickets and season tickets, you find out they have the same numbers just different last couple of digits). I answer and I get one of the Stars reps asking if I remember the contest and entering, to which I answer yes in a somewhat state of shock. He informs me that in fact I was actually selected as one of the winners. I will have two tickets waiting for me at Will-call for tomorrow night and that I need to meet him and and the other few winners with about 8-10 minutes left in the game and we will go down and watch the end of it at one of the entrances to the ice. AWESOME!

I sat somewhat in shock after the call as he gave me his personal line to call him on tomorrow to make sure I get the tickets and he will tell me where to meet him. I took down the number and just sat there. He did say that he does not know yet who gets who’s jersey since they do not know if someone might get injured, along with other factors. But if I remember right they only select about 10 winners and all of them end up with a top name player. So I am excited to say the least. Getting Modano’s jersey would be a childhood dream and I would not be surprised if I dance and scream like a little girl if that is who I get. But if not, Richards? Robidas? Eriksson? Neal? Ott?

I am so excited, plus I was about 2 hours away from buying tickets to the game anyways since I want to be there if it is Modano’s last. But 2 tickets and all of this? Now that is what I call winning something memorable! Looking forward to sharing the story on here and hopefully posting pics afterwards!

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