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I am completely kidding. Calm down a little. Okay so the Dallas Stars have been tearing up the news this off-season and I know I am pumped about the coming season! Aren’t you? In all seriousness, it has been a slow off-season for Dallas and it may not get anymore exciting until we get towards the start of the season. All we have seen is the team wave goodbye to some longtime faces of the team, and add a couple of grit guys. So to give you something to check out while this summer leaves us with only baseball, I have gathered up and linked some stories for you to check out that maybe either you have not gotten a chance to read or have not come across yourself in the last week. Covering things about the Stars, hockey news, and the current signings of Turco and Modano to new teams.

Mike Heika talks about Mike Ribeiro over at the Dallas Morning News site, and sheds some light into the situation around Ribs and the Stars shopping him. (Story)

Another post is mine for the Fansided NHL page, ‘Too Many Men on the Site.’ I look at a few of the big name players that have been involved in trade talks and rumors this summer, but have not been moved and if they might be. (TooManyMen post)

Turco finally found himself a new home, but there is a lot of mixed reactions to Chicago dropping Niemi and deciding to sign Marty. Jeffrey Bartl of Blackhawk Up offers up the reactions from some of the mainstream writers, along with a little of his own. (Blackhawk Up)

And lastly it was confirmed this morning that Dallas Stars icon Mike Modano will sign with the Red Wings. Richard Durrett confirmed this on ESPN Dallas (Story), and Sean Leahy discusses Modano’s signing and some reactions over at Puck Daddy. (Article)

It’s been a tough off-season Stars fans…and this week it just seemed to get even harder to swallow. I will be moving the next couple of days, but starting later this week I hope to take a look at some of the Stars young guys coming up and what we might see from them. As always, you can catch good hockey posts daily over at

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