Leht’s just wait around, why not?

The clock is ticking, but sadly I do not think many Dallas Stars fans really care anymore. We are less then a week away from September and long-time Star Jere Lehtinen still is trying to make up his mind on if he wants to come back and play one more year. The problem to me is, can he actually make it through another season. The last 3 seasons it seems like Jere has been off the ice as much he has been on it. He has played 48, 48 and 58 games in the last 3 seasons and it looked bad this last year. In 58 games last season he had 4 goals and 13 assists, and his offensive game really seemed to be a level lower then even the last few years. I know he is a world class defensive forward and a loved player in the franchise. But why are we waiting around for Lehtinen but pushed Modano out the door? Riddle me this!

Is this confusing to anyone else? The face of the franchise for so many years, getting up there in age, is pushed out the door while he tries to decide if he wants to play one more year. Another lifetime Stars player who is a big name too, but not near as big, and he gets all the time in the world to decide. I am seriously confused! I am not hating on Jere, but he is really starting to look his age. Can’t stay healthy for more then a month at a time, the offense is not there anymore, and at this point he is only here cause this team needs 3rd and 4th line forwards since they don’t have money to spend and Dallas does not want to bring every young guy up the NHL. I think if for some reason or way Modano stays here, Lehtinen does not have a spot. But I don’t get the forcing of Modano out and then just letting Lehtinen take his time.

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  • James P

    I have heard that Modano’s attitude was really bad last year. He was obviously not happy. If the fans noticed it, how do you think it was in the dressing room? When healthy, Lehtinen is a huge asset. Putting him on Ribeiro’s line with Morrow makes that a very complete line. At this point, Lehtinen doesn’t know if he wants to go another season. But, he has said he’ll play for the Stars, or nowhere. So Joe will, and should, give him all the time he needs. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll always love Modano. But no boss is going to put up with a bad attitude.

  • http://twitter.com/blackoutdallas Austin Waldron

    Nice input James. Yea I could see that. When Jere is in he gives 100%. The only problem is he can’t stay in too long anymore and his 100% is not what it used to be.