Eriksson Can't Get Any Love

Just hours before the NHL All-Star game today, it came out that Dallas Stars winger and rising star Loui Eriksson was voted in a poll as the most underrated player in the league. In a series of polls done by the NHLPA and CBC, the talented winger was selected as the most underrated. Nice to see that Eriksson is at least known amongst players and hockey people as a talented player and someone not getting recognition. Funny enough, even in the write up (here)  they barely mention him and talk about about every other player more then him in the short article.

Fast forward to the All-Star game which took place this afternoon and just ended. Both Stars were on Team Lidstrom and had good days, but as the game went on Loui started to creep up on the scoresheet regularly and was racking up points despite seeing the ice a lot less then many other players. Late in the game Eriksson scored the empty-net goal that ended up being the game winner, and as the game moved on the MVP topic was brought up a few time by the broadcast crew and who could be in contention. Well despite finishing the game with 2 goals and 2 assists, Eriksson was mentioned a total of zero times. Chicago’s Patrick Sharp won the MVP award and a new car, and even though my second team is Chicago, I was not happy with it. Sharp had less points, after the first period disappeared for most of the game, and was on the losing team. Loui kept getting better as the game went on, and despite playing less minutes then almost every player, he totaled more points and got the game winner for the winning team.

It just goes to show two things Stars fans: The Stars have talent here that is up to that level, and the Stars are still getting overlooked. This can be a good thing though. It should continue to motivate these guys and remind them that while they can play up to that level and they do a lot of talent, a few bad years here in Dallas has made everyone apparently think less of the Stars again. Just sad to see, Loui deserved the All-Star MVP and continues to show he is an amazing talent. Now some people need to start opening their eyes.

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