The Warm-ups: Stars vs. Devils

The Devils who were once celar dwellers and will likely still miss the playoffs, are now the hottest team in the league under new leadership on the bench. Kovulchyuck is playing like he gets paid to play and the team seems to be firing on all cylinders. But, few teams in the league can play like they are for the rest of the still long season. And we can hope that that ends tonight with a Stars victroy.

The trade gets its first live scrutiny as Goligoski is playing his first game as a Star. Unfortunately thanks to travel problems, Alex will be going in cold, with no practice with the team under his belt. I am still excited to see the new Star play.

Another piece of excitement in tonight’s game is the fact that Jamie Benn will be coming back from his shoulder injury and this could mark the first of many of the injured players coming back. Burish could play in Detroit and both Barch and Grossman could play by next week if not sooner.

So the pieces are coming together just in time to end this slump and get back to the top of the league. The question is, can they do it in time?

Tonight they are playing a very hot Devils team. Look for Langenbrunner to be pumped up and the rest of the team to have an extra spark with a new teammate and Jamie Benn returning. The Stars are aligning for a come-back. Let’s hope I am the prophet.

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