Overtime loss to Ducks, not so bad.

Sure, they let a sure-win get away from them after being up 3-1 for a large portion of the game. Sure they let the Ducks tie it in regulation and force it into overtime. Sure they couldn’t keep the Ducks at bay long enough in OT to get it to a shootout and give their shooters and goalie a another chance to win it. Sure… it was painful to watch and it is painful to write and think about even now.

But, if you’re going to lose a game, you need to lose it in an overtime period. A point is a point and if they hadn’t gotten at least one they would be in a bigger hole going into a huge game tonight against San Jose. Points are points and even though it is shoved down our throats as fans, that a three point game against a divisional foe is not a good thing. It’s better than losing a 4 point game against them, isn’t it?

This at least gives them a little encouragement when looking at the standings, to go into the game against the sharks with a little fire and belief. Win tomorrow and they could see their team shoot up the ranks again thanks to the schedule being kind enough to schedule a back to back at a time when stacking points could mean a playoff birth or denial.

Pending any other wins by conference teams, the Stars could see themselves all the way in fifth place above the Flames with a 2 point win tonight and in 7th with another OT loss. The blessing and curse of such a tight conference is that one loss could bury you but one win can sky rocket you at least for a day or two and I think that helps keep the team motivated, knowing that even after a loss like last night’s brutal comeback loss to the Ducks they are still deeply embedded in the playoff race. Even though they fell from the ceiling of the division lead, they are still a bright spot in the league that could just as easily make it into the playoffs and go as far as their skates and souls will let them.

What do I think happened in the third period? I think they should have been putting more bodies on Visnovsky. Fistric and Vincour were the only two consistently hitting their back end and had they been putting in licks on the slick offensive D-man early in the game he may not have been energized enough to destroy them with a hat-trick throughout the game. Stay tuned later today for the pre-game Warm-ups! All I know is I think the Stars would be happy to take the 1 point in every loss they take for the rest of the season, if you have to lose you may as well lose and gain something. It’s that time of year and teams like the Ducks who are in a similar position as the Stars aren’t going to give up. Earlier in the season you may have seen them fall out of the game after going down 3-1 in the second period. This time of year you shouldn’t be surprised to see a team come back from a 2 goal deficit and at least take it to OT. It’s been like that 2-games in a row. Only this time the Stars weren’t able to give Jamie Benn the puck and just the goaltender to beat with 4.8 seconds left in regulation.

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