Rumors Abound: Kirk Muller next head coach?

Along side the various Gaglardi rumors, him being the front runner, getting close to completing a sale and according to Forbes’ also doing so for a low-price…

We also have rumors that the Canadiens assistant coach, Kirk Muller willb e leaving the Habs to become the next head coach for your Dallas Stars. There are no sites of course, as this tidbit seemed to just tumble out of the proverbial mouth of Pat Hickey (writing for the Montreal Gazette) willy nilly.

Here’s the quote and link (with corrected spelling, mwaha):

“But as proud as Gauthier is, there will be changes next season and the first will be coaching staff. Gauthier ducked a question about assistant coach Kirk Muller, but he’ll be moving to the Dallas Stars. His appointment as head coach is on hold while the team awaits a new group of owners.”

Story here

You can find the Forbes story here: Link

Keep in mind that this is all uncomfirmed and according to Mike Heika’s sources, there are people close to the various situations saying that it’s untrue – including our GM stating that the process for finding a coach is literally just getting under way.

While the Forbes story seems to be partially true (without having the full picture on the deal) the head coach story seems to be a bit far fetched however, considering how adimant Mike Heika’s sources seem to be about how early in the process they are on the coach hunt.

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