Brad Richards, Bla Bla Bla and Stuff...

So, lets talk about something other than Brad Richards.


How about those Canucks and Bruins and junk!?

So the Stanley Cup Finals are almost over. Game 6 is on Monday and if the Canucks win they win the cup. Should the Bruins win then obviously the series goes to 7 games and things get as dramatic as they can be.

The hit that put Horton out was definitely something that everyone was talking about around the league. In fact, it made Marty Turco’s increasingly relevant blog over at called “Turco Talk”.

Want to talk about Marty Turco? Why not, right?

He was a co-host on the NHL Networks coverage of press day in Vancouver at the start of the series. He has a blog over at; looks like he has a career lined up once he hangs up the skates, right?

I guess the question is, will he hang them up this off-season or will we see Turco looking for another back-up position. Because, unfortunately that is where his career is at at this point. Tim Thomas is defying statistics and Turco is backup to a rookie.

It is just another depressing fact about the current decline of the Dallas Stars. Will the rise of Turco’s new career mean the rise of the “new” Dallas Stars?

Dribble is what this entry was, friends.

Go Bruins? Sure.

Stay tuned next time for, Brian talks about nothing.

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