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The off-season continues to tick down and it’s time to start looking ahead to what the 2013-2014 season is going to bring for the Stars, and the NHL post-lockout. From who to keep an eye on, to who we can continue to groan about, there’s no denying things around the NHL are ramping up for a new kind of season.

One of the most controversial figures around the NHL, hands down, is Gary Bettman. Love him, hate him or find yourself stuck in the middle, and you’re sure to find someone who shares your opinion, and someone who’s ready to fight you over it. Regardless of your stance on his reign as the league’s commissioner, take a look at this interesting comparison between Bettman and the MLB’s Bud Selig. It may have you singing a slightly different tune about the comish.

It’s hard on fans, hard on the organization and especially hard on players to find out they haven’t been selected to represent their home countries in the Olympics, and Jamie Benn is no differnt. Upon discovering he would not be joining Team Canada in Sochi this winter, Benn set his sights on something a little easier to grasp; knocking the socks of Team Canada with his NHL performance in 2013.

Despite a significant swing toward younger, less-experienced individuals in the off-season, Jim Nill hasn’t thrown away the importance of strong veterans on a successful team. Enter Sergei Gonchar. The 39-year-old Russian has been a mentor to numerous big names throughout the NHL, including Evgeni Malkin. And look at his track record: a two-time Olympic medalist, a five-time participant in the All Star game, and a Stanley Cup Champion. Now throw first-round draft pick Valeri Nichushkin into the mix, and there’s significant potential for greatness down the line for Dallas.

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