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Change has been the name of the game for the Stars this year, and no one’s to know if all the change will yield the desired result. A lot of the change has brought pain, frustration and general dislike for many of the new directions the organization has decided to head in, but heading in a new direction may be exactly what the Dallas Stars need.

One direction I think would be disastrous to being heading in would be breaking up the organization’s most loved duo, Ralph and Razor. The color commentary, always impressive vocabulary and honest-to-God enjoyment that comes from listening to these two announce a game has been recognized as one of the best combinations in the league year after year. But will this year be the last for our beloved Ralph and Razor?

To move forward, you often have to look back, and lucky for the Stars, there’s plenty of worthwhile material to admire in years past, with a Stanley Cup at the apex. Take a look back at some of Dallas and Minnesota’s most memorable players, and individuals who were pivotal in launching the Stars organization into the lime light. Who’s on your all-time team?

Looking back to some of the Stars’ brighter days makes it hard to face the facts of where the team stands today. But looking back into this organization’s origins proves change is often necessary. The move from Minnesota to Dallas was a huge one, but in the end, it brought about the biggest victory in the NHL. So can all of these changes, often seeming just shy of moving the team, put the Stars back in the mix and regain the attention of the NHL and it’s fans?

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