Feb 27, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Stars head coach Lindy Ruff watches his team take on the Carolina Hurricanes at the American Airlines Center. The Stars defeated the Hurricanes 4-1. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So, What's Up With Gonchar, Cole, and Horcoff?

So with the free agency going down in favor of the Stars, there was a conundrum I brought up earlier today in my article. And that conundrum is that the Stars simply have too many NHL-only forwards to put into a limited amount of spaces. Also, there seems to be one defenseman who no one wants anymore after having a beyond horrific season. So the question is, how will Jim Nill fix his problem?

The majority of people think that Shawn Horcoff and Erik Cole are the two forwards that could most likely be moved, while Sergei Gonchar is the one player holding the defense back from ultimate success.

So with the plethora of offense recently acquired, what’s the Stars next step? Most say trade Horcoff or Cole to make room for Eaves and Fiddler, along with one or the other. And rumors about buying out Gonchar’s contract have surfaced once again, but don’t hold your breath over it, he’s gonna stick around for another year or so, case closed. But the Stars options on offense are unlimited with the recent signings. So what to do with Horcoff and Cole? If Nill re-signed Fiddler and gave a contract to Eaves, that basically shows you that he is planning on playing both of them next year. Is trading Horcoff or Cole, two veterans who had good years, more or less, the best option? Well, I’m not sure. If anyone, I would trade Horcoff because Cole held the slight edge this past year, stat-wise.

But I know Nill has a plan, and these three names are hot on the going-going-gone list. What do you think the Stars are planning on doing with ALL the new names? Tell Blackout Dallas below in the comments! Who knows, maybe your suggestion could be mentioned in an article to come? But think through how Fiddler, Eaves, Horcoff, and Cole will share 2 spots, and then tell what you think should be, if anything, done with Gonchar.

Comments below and Go Stars.

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  • Clay Werner

    Josh, there’s no ample evidence to suggest that gonchar is more likely to stay than not. Cole did not gave a good year at all. He was scratched for 3 playoff games and garnered less than 30 Pts while getting paid top 2nd line money. Horcoff actually produced in the POs. You’re right eaves is an NHL player with speed and versatility that will be on the club. Mckenzie Ritchie all deserve their shot now just like nemeth and klingberg. After nills vote of confidence in the baby stars it seems like he wouldn’t overload the roster with undeserving vets taking up these youngsters spots. Pevs will be LTIR most likely. Of course if fids horcoff scevs and eaves all play then that’s 12 so yea bottom line I trust nill will find a way to remove one of the afore mention albatross contracts.

    • Josh Clark

      Yes, I trust Nill. I’m not sure what he’s planning in doing, but we know for sure that he has a plan. The future is bright regardless but I highly doubt that Nill will buy out Gonchar or Cole at this point. Trades could still happen though, but until a move is made, all we can really do is trust in Nill.

      • Clay Werner

        Oh no they won’t get bought out but both are solid pickups for a floor team and we could always retain half of gonch salary. But nemeth and kling er could really impact the d core overall and better if Sergei is gone. At this point I’d rather have eaves in the lineup than cole. Do u think that depending on where they are at the deadline they could flip a pick/prospect for green? He’s a bonafide OFD and he wouldn’t have be the GUY. It seems it’s run with the kids under dales and goli and then see how it could be improved later in the season. A shutdown pair of nemeth and dillon is quite intimidating