Dissecting the Trade: Tyler Seguin


Jun 19, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Bruins center Rich Peverley (49) celebrates with center Rich Peverley (49) and center Tyler Seguin (19) after scoring a goal against the Chicago Blackhawks during the first period in game four of the 2013 Stanley Cup Final at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The dust has now settled. Two weeks ago was a wild scene for Jim Nill and Co. who made plenty of bold moves that drastically changed the core of the Dallas Stars organization. Of course, that is what Jim Nill was brought in to do, and he didn’t waste much time.

Soon after grabbing what many believe to be an elite prospect in Valeri Nichushkin with the No. 10 overall pick of the NHL Draft, Nill pieced together a blockbuster deal sending fan favorite Loui Eriksson, and prospects Reilly Smith, Joe Morrow, and Matt Fraiser to the Bruins in exchange for a highly talented and up-and-coming Center Tyler Seguin, veteran Rich Peverley, and prospect Ryan Button.

In a five day span, Nill acquired pieces to what should be the Stars top line for years to come. Additionally, Nill picked up another Center by trading for grizzled, veteran leader Shawn Horcoff from the Oilers. Horcoff will most likely play a larger locker room role for Dallas.

But, let’s backtrack. It’s important to start at the NHL Draft to see how this all came together. Nill gave Stars fans slight foreshadowing of the changes to come when he name dropped Jamie Benn as a Winger, not a Center, during a pre-draft interview. Shortly after, he drafted a Winger in Valeri Nichushkin. With Nill’s previous statement, he obviously wants to move Jamie Benn back to his natural position as a Winger. So, why would Nill then draft another Winger?

The easy answer is that Nichuhkin was by far the best prospect on the board. It was shocking he was there for the Stars to take in the first place. However, behind the scenes, Nill was formulating. With the trade for Seguin, it all became too obvious. Nichushkin, Seguin, and Benn as a top line for the Dallas Stars for years to come. That’s 18 years old, 21 years old, and 24 years old. Two of which are already considered top players in the league and one with high expectations as he starts his NHL career.

With that, was Seguin worth three prospects and a very humble, talented, and under-rated Loui Eriksson? Simply put, yes. Center was a huge need for the Stars, and if Nill and the newly appointed coaching staff want to slide Jamie Benn back to the wing, they need a top line Center to play aside him. That’s exactly what Tyler Seguin is and hopefully will be for the Stars for many years.

Shortly after the trade, the media storm began. Plenty of reports surfaced about Seguin’s off the ice issues. Some reports even stated the Bruins had personnel outside his hotel room during the playoffs to keep Seguin in his room and out of night clubs.

Soon after, Seguin’s twitter account said a few inappropriate things, especially regarding Texas. However, Seguin says his twitter account was hacked. Many attacked his character issues by saying that his friends took his phone and tweeted the remarks. Yet, Seguin remains strong with his story that his phone was in his pocket the entire time. Due to the controversy, Seguin has decided to suspend his own twitter account for some time.

Last week, Seguin made plenty of local radio appearances including The Ticket, The Fan, and ESPN Dallas sticking with his story that his account was hacked. In my opinion, based on his comments during his air-time, the Dallas Stars have nothing to worry about with Seguin.

For starters, he’s 21 years-old, so he’s going to go out. Get over that aspect. Secondly, he will not be under nearly as much scrutiny in Dallas as he was in Boston. This kid is highly capable of putting up crazy numbers, and like any situation in any sports market, if the goals and the wins come, concerns about Seguin’s off-ice life will wither away. Most importantly, he has a fresh start.

In short time, all the media reports criticizing Seguin appear either conjured or exaggerated. In reality, Seguin has new scenery and a new chance to prove himself. Plus, during his interviews, he said he enjoys to fish, listen to country music, and also mentioned that Friday Night Lights is his favorite show of all-time (Texas Forever, Tyler). And if he really gets bored, maybe he can take a road trip to either Tyler, Texas or Seguin, Texas. Looks like he was traded to the right team in the right place.

So, Tyler Seguin, Welcome to Texas.

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