Dallas Stars Need To Block Out All Preseason Hype

It might just be preseason chatter, but the Dallas Stars are expected to go a long way this year. Can they live up to all of the hype, or are we in store for another 2014-15 meltdown?

Preseason hype is almost like the flu. Some people get it each year, but no one wants it. The most difficult thing about taking on preseason expectations is following through on this expectations.

For one, a team could meet the bar set for them at the beginning of the year. But that would be shrugged off because the club was expected to meet that spot before the regular season even began. But on the other hand, they could drop a long ways from their preseason hype and be considered a hollow, happy-go-lucky group.

Either way, it’s nice to avoid the hype altogether. That’s exactly what the Dallas Stars are trying to do.

Throughout the 2015-16 regular season, the Stars picked up many different titles and faced many tribulations. By the end of the year, Dallas had been lifted to some of the highest ranks, and people were wondering what to think about the hockey team from Texas.

This is because last year, the Dallas Stars took the NHL by storm. After an offseason of adding Patrick Sharp, Johnny Oduya, and Antti Niemi, the Stars burst out of the gate. They were heartily prepared for what awaited them, and used their motivation to get to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs before faltering.

This popularity came from winning the Central Division and Western Conference with 109 points. It’s also the reason that the Stars are one of the most talked about teams this offseason.

The Stars drew plenty of attention to themselves this offseason, and now they may be paying for it. That’s because a large portion of the media is assuming that Dallas will run the table and hoist the Cup.

Someone once said that there is no such thing as bad publicity. In this case, there very well might be. Dallas is definitely a strong enough team to win a Cup this year, but they have to have the willingness and determination to get there first.

If the Stars are being labeled as the team that could make the noise this season, it could distract them from actually following through with it.

The 2014-15 Dallas Stars are a good example of this. After qualifying for the postseason for the first time after a five-year drought, the Stars made some noise before falling in the sixth game in round one.

This little trip still gave the Stars a competitive bump up and had them poised to make a deep run, at least according to the analysts and reporters.

Instead, Dallas crumbled under a weak defense and an inconsistent goaltending system. They fell seven points short of the final playoff spot, and things took an abrupt and disappointing turn for all Stars fans.

That cannot happen in the coming season. If the Stars want a chance at the Stanley Cup, their best option would be to blot out the reports and rumors and predictions from the outside world and focus on their game. That will give them the best chance going forward.

Listening to preseason hype is just as useful as taking it for the truth. It’s a new season, and any team can make a lasting impression. 2016-17 is almost here for the NHL, and the Dallas Stars have a world of potential ahead of them. Will they use it?