Dallas Stars Pull Tyler Seguin From World Cup Due To Injury

Team Canada just lost its final Dallas Stars member. Last night, Seguin was pulled from the World Cup of Hockey due to an injury.

It looks like the Dallas Stars no longer have a hand in the Team Canada pot for the World Cup of Hockey.

Last night, Team Canada announced that Stars forward Tyler Seguin had suffered an injury while competing with the team in a preliminary match on Friday evening against the United States. At least, that’s what the assumption is.

The reports did not give a specific time in the tournament that the injury occurred. But a solid guess seems to be during Friday night’s game. In the middle of a rush, Seguin stepped on Ryan Suter‘s stick and fell to the ice before slamming awkwardly into the boards. He stayed down for a minute and had to be helped to the locker room.

Dallas Stars fans held their breath in angst as their playoff and even Stanley Cup hopes hung in the balance. Luckily, Seguin hopped back on the ice quickly and played the remainder of the game. He also played in the Canada-USA game on Saturday afternoon and tallied an assist.

So what happened? Maybe the injury took its time to settle in from Friday. Or maybe the Stars forward did something in practice. Whatever the case may be, Seguin is injured and that leaves a lot of loose ends to be tied up.

“I’m disappointed that I can’t represent Team Canada at the World Cup of Hockey,” Seguin told DallasStars.com. “Any time your country calls, it’s a great honor and is something every kid from Canada dreams about getting the chance to do.”

“While I’m upset that I don’t get the opportunity to play, I understand the situation Team Canada is in with a short tournament. I wish all the best for that team and the good news is that I’ll get to be with my Stars teammates from day one. We’re excited to get the season going and we can’t wait to get to Cedar Park and get to work.”

From what Seguin is saying, it sounds as though he is planning on being ready to go for training camp, which begins on September 23rd. The initial prognosis was that it was not a knee injury, meaning that it should not be a long term. Seguin has had some knee and calf problems in the recent past, so the Stars likely dodged a bullet.

Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill announced that Seguin would be returning to Dallas in the next few days and that he would be given a full evaluation upon arrival.

There is no exact level of seriousness, but things do not seem to be extremely strewn. That’s probably a good sign.

On the bright side, Tyler Seguin will be able to attend training camp with Jamie Benn, the other Star who had to drop their Team Canada spot due to injury, and the other Dallas Stars in attendance.

It was probably for the best to pull him from the tourney. The Stars are riding on a questionably strong wave as they enter the 2016-17 season, and many are expecting a Stanley Cup or a finish very close to one.

The last thing they need is to lose one of their most productive players before the 82-game slate even begins. Stay tuned for more updates as the next few days progress for more injury news.

Also, don’t forget to continue watching the World Cup! Radek Faksa and Ales Hemsky are still playing for Team Czech Republic, and Esa Lindell is still representing Team Finland. The tourney kicks off on Saturday.