Dallas Stars Top 100 Players of All-Time: 40-31

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In conjuction with the NHL’s centennial celebration of honoring the 100 greatest players in League history, the team at Blackout Dallas have taken their own twist. We’re continuing our Top 100 Stars countdown with ten more today.

The Dallas Stars franchise has pumped out a good amount of talent over their 23-year existence, and today we’re continuing the countdown of the best of the best.

Over the past few weeks, we have been counting down some of the best Dallas Stars players of all time. The list only includes players who have been with the team since the move to Dallas in 1993, which still leaves plenty to choose from.

This list was compiled as a result of the “NHL 100,” the list that the NHL released on Friday showcasing the 100 best players of all time. It was released in conjunction with the NHL beginning their celebration of 100 years (1917-2017).

We began at 100-91 and have strung down to just 40 left. For the countdown of the first 60 athletes, click here. But, let’s go ahead and continue the countdown. Here are players 40-31 on the list of the greatest Dallas Stars of all-time.


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