Dallas Stars Might Choose Tyler Seguin As Next Alternate Captain

There’s a spot open in the alternate captain ranks for the Dallas Stars’ 2017-18 squad. Will this be the year that young gun Tyler Seguin finally takes on the A?

The Dallas Stars are in need of a new alternate captain, but which player are they going to pick? The options are seemingly endless.

It takes a lot to be a member of the captaincy staff. For the Stars, they have seen one of the most diverse yet respected leaders cycle through their franchise over the past few years. Names like Jamie Benn, Jason Spezza, Patrick Sharp, Trevor Daley, Alex Goligoski, and Vernon Fiddler have all worn the C or A since the 2014-15 season. And while most of them have moved on to different homes since then, it doesn’t discredit the leadership they offer.

Being a leader is more than just putting up the most points. It’s about having the ability to speak up on the ice, help out and stand up for their teammates, and always doing whatever they have to for the good of the team. If that means blocking a slap shot, so be it; if it means getting physical to help boost their team, it’s going to happen; if it means putting the team on their back and carrying them to victory, consider it done.

This past season, Dallas had one of their strongest captaincy groups in a while with Jamie Benn, Jason Spezza, and Patrick Sharp. Each one brought their own set of skills to the table and proved to be a valuable leader. Sharp fought through a hip injury that required surgery in order to help his team on the ice. Spezza stood up for his teammates and provided a spark for the Stars on multiple occasions. And Jamie Benn, well, did Jamie Benn things.

But this summer, Sharp became a free agent and moved back to his longtime home with the Chicago Blackhawks. With that, the Stars will have a new look to their captaincy for the umpteenth  year in a row.

The question revolves around who they will pick. Martin Hanzal (former captain of Arizona), Marc Methot (former alternate in Ottawa), and Dan Hamhuis (former alternate for Vancouver) seem to come into the forefront.

There are also young names like John Klingberg that factor in should Dallas want to go with a young gun.

What if the Dallas Stars name Tyler Seguin the next alternate?

A lot of questions come up with this suggestion. Is he ready? Is he too young? Do his talents and actions embody that of an alternate captain? Is he still just a young (and sometimes stupid) kid at heart? Becoming an alternate captain means a lot more than it may seem. All captains have a different level of expectations that must be met in addition to serving the team.

Since Seguin came to Dallas, we’ve seen a great evolution. In Boston, he was known for going out late and partying following a practice or game. As a then 21-year-old, Seguin frequently did what most kids his age do: have a good time. When Boston traded him to Dallas in July 2013, it seemed to mark a new era in the young forward’s career.

Seguin came to Dallas and was immediately surrounded by other young players that he could relate to and hang out with, most specifically being captain Jamie Benn. The two developed a friendship both on and off the ice, and Seguin quickly turned a new leaf.

Over the past four seasons, Tyler Seguin has seemingly done everything he can to help better the Dallas Stars. He puts up 70+ points a season, leads the first line offense and first power play unit, skates about a third of every game, and is the only Stars player with a point-per-game average. Whenever he’s not injured, he gives his all to the team.

And that’s exactly what an alternate captain is supposed to do: better his team through his actions.

It seems as though Seguin is the perfect fit for the open alternate captain position. He’s matured, grown his game, and made himself a staple in the Dallas Stars franchise. It seems as though it would be crazy to not pick him.

Now there are obviously many good choices (see above for more options). But considering where he’s come from and where he’s bound to be going at the mere age of 25, Seguin could be the next great leader of this franchise for many years to come.

John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Seguin’s play has been infectious for not only the Dallas Stars team, but also the entire Stars fan base. So is it time for him to finally get his A?