Dallas Stars: Jim Nill’s 5 Worst Free Agent Signings

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Jim Nill’s five seasons at the helm of the Dallas Stars haven’t been all good decisions. Sometimes, things just don’t work out as expected.

For the most part, Dallas Stars fans have put their faith in Nill (#InNillWeTrust) and with good reason. He’s made some great signings, but some of them have been duds.

Some deals don’t work out because the player comes in and has a negative impact on the team in a direct way, like a defenseman who is a defensive liability with bad possession numbers. Other deals are bad because of the opportunity cost that comes with making that deal. This has been the case with a few of Nill’s moves, where the player wasn’t having an actively negative impact but was taking away the cap space and roster space from another free agent option.

Yesterday, the list focused on good deals, but today’s is all about the bad deals. The rules will stay the same, though. These assessments are based on what’s happened up until this point and are inherently short-sighted. Only one of the deals on this list is still active and therefore has the potential to change by the end of the contract.

Today’s list also won’t include anything Nill’s done this offseason and won’t include trades for negotiating rights, just like the best signings list. The new signings will have to at least wait until the season starts to officially be considered, though that certainly won’t stop fans from having opinions before the puck drops on October 4.

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