Dallas Stars vs the Boston Bruins preview: taming the Bruins

The Dallas Stars continue their east coast road trip tonight with a matchup against the Boston Bruins. This will be another opponent’s home opener that the Dallas Stars will be a part of this season. Here is the game plan that Dallas needs to use if they want to win tonight.

Dallas Stars vs Boston Bruins game plan: 1. all gas no brakes

Sorry, I’m using the Texas Longhorns football slogan but Dallas has to come out and quiet the crowd early. They need to attack the net hard out of the gate and get the puck to the front of the net. Even if the Stars get the early 2-0 lead they need to put pressure on whoever is in net for the Bruins.

Dallas Stars vs Boston Bruins game plan: 2. The goalie needs to stay hydrated

Braden Holtby and Anton Khudobin need to drink plenty of water during the TV timeouts. The Stars can not afford another scare as they did with Holtby in New York. If Holtby or Khudobin can stay focused and hydrated then the Stars have a good chance at winning.

Dallas Stars vs Boston Bruins game plan: 3. Get out of our own zone

The Dallas Stars kryptonite is allowing the opponent to keep the puck in their zone. The Stars need to force the puck out of their zone and keep on Boston’s side of the ice. If the Stars can keep it out of their own zone, I like our chances tonight.

Boston Bruins Key Players 

Tuukka Rask

Rask is the starting goaltender for the Boston Bruins. He is a really good veteran that is hard to get the puck past. If he starts which I expect he will, the Stars will need to constantly attack the net in order to win.

David Pastrnak

The best offensive player on the Bruins roster right now. He is coming off a career year where he scored 48 goals and tallied 47 assists which are career highs for him. If the Stars can keep him under control tonight, I like our odds.

Craig Smith

A nine-year veteran whom the Stars defense needs to focus on guarding tonight. He has five seasons where he has scored 20 or more goals. If he scores and the crowd gets into the game, could be a long night for Dallas.