Dallas Stars vs Columbus Blue Jackets preview: silence the cannons

The Dallas Stars take a quick road trip out to Columbus to take on the Blue Jackets. This will be an interesting game for the Stars since both teams have the same record. Here are some of the keys to the game if the Stars want a W on the road.

Dallas Stars vs Columbus Blue Jackets Preview: 3. Set the tempo early

That Columbus crowd is pretty brutal if they get off to a huge lead to start the game. The Stars need to control the puck and get some early goals to take the crowd out of it.

Dallas Stars vs Columbus Blue Jackets Preview: 2. Attack the Net

I know Rick Bowness likes to set up plays in the opponent’s zone. Sometimes you just have to enter the opposing zone and just fire the puck on the net and try to recover the rebound. You don’t know how many scoring chances you’ll get against Columbus so make the most of it when you have the puck.

Dallas Stars vs Columbus Blue Jackets Preview: 1. don’t let them fire off the annoying cannon

That Civil War cannon they fire off when they score goals is super annoying, especially if you sit behind it. Let’s do the crowd sitting behind it a favor and not allow them to score a goal and go home with their hearing intact. Maybe we could convert some of those attendees behind the cannon to become Stars fans.

 Blue Jackets players to watch

Patrik Laine

Laine is already off to a hot start this season with two goals and five assists through five games. The Stars need to have a body on him at all times during the game. He’s most likely due for another goal soon but he can score that goal after the Dallas game.

Oliver Bjorkstrand

Bjorkstrand is another player that is having a hot start like Laine. Bjorkstrand and Laine are tied with goals but he has one more assist than Laine. He is another person to watch out for and I’m sure Bowness has him featured on the scouting report.