Dallas Stars Mascot Victor E. Green, History, Reception: Every Question Answered

Dallas Stars, Victor E. Green (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Dallas Stars, Victor E. Green (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

Some NHL mascots are discovered while others can indeed come from a galaxy far, far away. Such is the case for Victor E. Green, the official NHL mascot of the Dallas Stars. One look at him and it’s hard to not fall in love with such a loveable figure that will do whatever it takes to rally fans to cheer on the Stars at home games.

Even though the hockey world has no idea what galaxy Victor E. Green originated from, it’s no secret that he’s a huge fan of the sport. What other NHL mascot literally has hockey sticks for antennas? Can you imagine the play-by-play Victor E. Green must get when the Stars hit the ice on game day?

As a furry green alien, nothing makes Victor E. Green happier than being around fans that not only love the Stars but appreciate everything he brings to the table. Fans often brag about how friendly he is at every home game in American Airlines Center to the point that whenever you’re able to hug him, it brings everyone instant smiles.

Victor E. Green is an awesome NHL mascot from an unknown galaxy

Besides cheering the Stars, interacting with fans, and having a love for taking pictures at every opportunity that presents itself, Victor E. Green is an avid reader. Believe it or not, his favorite book is “Z for Zamboni” as he’s also a huge fan of movies involving anything to do with space. From Star Wars, E.T., to even Wall-E, at least Victor E. Green is a mascot of fine culture.

Let’s take a look at the history, reception, and what makes Victor E. Green so interesting as a mascot in the NHL. Let’s fire it up!

Dallas Stars, Victor E. Green
Dallas Stars, Victor E. Green (Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images) /

When did Victor E. Green debut for the Stars?

Victor E. Green made his official debut for the Stars on September 13, 2014, in front of the home crowd in American Airlines Center. He got rave reviews for his enthusiasm, look, and the fact that he’s the first alien from outer space to ever pledge allegiance to the Stars immediately upon arrival.

Who was the Stars’ mascot before Victor E. Green?

Victor E. Green was the first and is still the current mascot of the Stars. Why make any changes when he’s been holding down the fort for all these years? Intergalactic tales claim Victor E. Green plans to be the first and only mascot in Stars history.

What was the inspiration behind Victor E. Green’s look?

The Stars wanted a mascot that would not only be appealing to kids that attended home games but able to stand out from others across the league. To pay homage to former owner Norman Green, the Stars wanted their official mascot to have his last name and the same color palette as the team, Victory Green.

Is Victor E. Green on Twitter?

Yes, he is! Follow Victor E. Green here: @VictorEGreen

Is Victor E. Green on Instagram?

Yes, he is! Follow Victor E. Green here: dallasstarsvic

What has Victor E. Green’s reception been since his debut?

The response to Victor E. Green over the years has been fantastic. He’s constantly booked for school visits, business meetings, and office parties to continue spreading the joy of being the Stars mascot. Considering that Victor E. Green roots for the Stars from a galaxy rumored to be eons away from Earth is a testament to loyalty. This is definitely something fans of the Stars can relate with when it comes to having such a deep commitment to their favorite team.

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What are Victor E. Green’s lore and backstory?

As an alien from outer space, Victor E. Green could have landed on any planet but chose Earth because it’s the only place that has the Stars. As this NHL franchise truly fuels his happiness, having the ability to be that extra catalyst to help push the Stars when they need it most with fans means everything to him. Besides that, there isn’t anything else known about Victor E. Green’s backstory as he probably used a Neuralyzer on us all the second he landed on our planet.