Seattle makes first visit to Texas to take on the Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars welcome the Seattle Kraken tonight for their first-ever game at the American Airlines Center. It will be nice to see former Dallas Stars defenseman Jamie “Big Rig” Olesiak after he was drafted by Seattle in the NHL Expansion Draft. Here’s how the Stars can get a win against the newbies of the NHL.

Dallas Stars vs Seattle Kraken Preview: 3. Give Oettinger all the room in front of the net.

I was looking at NHL highlights and I came across one of the Kraken executing the tip drill in front of the net to perfection. Jake Oettinger will probably be starting in goal since Braden Holtby went on the COVID 19 List today. If I’m the Stars, I would make sure to keep any Kraken players from bunching up in front of Oettinger so they don’t get any easy goals.

Dallas Stars vs Seattle Kraken Preview 2. Welcome the Kraken to the league

I think the Kraken need to be reminded that they are a rookie team in this league. Usually, I’m not a fan of running up the score against any hockey team, but the Kraken need to be put in their place. I hope with Gurianov out of the lineup the Stars are able to score against the Kraken.

Dallas Stars vs Seattle Kraken Preview 1. Fans need to make it a nightmare for the Kraken in Dallas

The fans need to make the Kraken want to leave the state of Texas tonight. If you are attending the game, I want to hear it get loud after every time the Stars score. But most important of all, I want to hear the Seattle players say after the game that they dread playing in the state of Texas at the postgame conference.

Kraken players to watch

Jordan Eberle

Eberle is the second-leading scorer for the Kraken this season. Through 32 games he has totaled 12 goals and 11 assists for the Kraken. Look for the Kraken to get involved in the offense as they try to beat the Stars on their home ice for the first time.

Jared McCann

McCann is the Kraken’s leading scorer so far this season. In 29 games he has scored 14 goals and has assisted on 7 other goals. Along with Eberle, I’m worried that these two will be paired on the same line and could cause some issues for the Stars tonight. Hopefully, Bowness has a plan in place to keep these guys from scoring on the Stars.