The Dallas Stars arrive in Motown to take on the Wings

The Dallas Stars second stop on their 4 game roadtrip will be in the great state of Michigan as they take on the Red Wings. This will be there second time playing the Wings this year. This will also be a test for later on in the season when the Stars have back to back games in April. Find out how the Stars can get a win in Detroit and continue to climb back into playoff position.

Dallas Stars vs Detroit Red Wings: 3. Play Holtby to get the “rust” off of him

Since Holtby came off the COVID IR recently, this will be a great opportunity for him to shed the rust off of him. We will also need him at the end of the year if the Stars can get into a playoff scenario. What a perfect way to test him by playing him in Buffalo and in Detroit.

Jake Oettinger can learn from him in the meantime what its like to get out of a slump. Even though most of the goals Oettinger did give up were because of the defense, its always good to learn from a veteran on how to get out of those situations.

Dallas Stars vs Detroit Red Wings: 2. Keep attacking the net

In order for the Stars to keep winning games this season, they got to keep attacking the net. Like I tweeted on the Blackout Dallas page the other night, the Stars should win an award for most passes before a shot attempt.

Dallas Stars vs Detroit Red Wings: 1. Keep working to find that missing identity

The Stars aren’t going to mysteriously find their identity over night in one game. This could take multiple games in January to regain it. The Stars need to find it fast if they want to be in the postseason. Hopefully by the end of this 4 game roadtrip, the Stars will find it and go on a winning streak to get back into the playoff race.