Get to know your Dallas Stars 2022 NHL Draft Class

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Before I get into introducing the Dallas Stars draft class, I want to tell you guys about what my favorite part of the draft was. My favorite part of the draft was when the Slovakians went back to back to kick off the draft and sent the hockey Twitter Space into chaos. It was so cool seeing a country make history after all the years of Slovakians being drafted into the National Hockey League.

The Dallas Stars came into this draft needing prospects in two key positions: Defenseman and Goalies. With John Klingberg possibly leaving the Stars in free agency this year, might as well draft his possible replacement now for later down the road. With only three goaltenders in the farm system, Stars need to look to find their next Jake Oettinger in the draft and let him develop in the junior leagues.

The Stars could also surprise fanslate in the draft as usual and find their next gem like Jamie Benn. Sometimes a good prospect projected in the second round can fall through the cracks and be drafted late in the draft. It’s always fun to see teams kick themselves in the butt for not drafting that gem earlier on in the draft.

Without further to do let me introduce you to the 2022 Dallas Stars draft class. With the 18th pick in the 2022 NHL Draft, the Dallas Stars select………..

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