Joe Pavelski’s game winning OT goal gives the Dallas Stars some light

The Dallas Stars definitely needed someone to step up to the plate in Game 4 tonight and guess who did? That’s right, Joe “Cold-Blooded” Pavelski sent a heat missile past Adin Hill to give the Stars a 3-2 in OT. The Stars still have a long ways to go in this series but if they take it game by game, they could pull off a reverse sweep.

Next up for the Stars is they take another flight out to the Vegas Strip for another do-or-die game in order to remain alive for the Western Conference Title. Here are the three takeaways for the Stars tonight as they continue to remain alive in this series.

Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights Recap: 3. Got the Playoff OT monkey off the back

Thank the lord our season didn’t end in OT, that’s all I have to say. After struggling with it during the regular season and the playoffs, the Stars finally got a OT win during the playoffs this season and move the record to 1-4. If the season utlimately does end on Saturday, the one thing that I wanted to happen is to at least win on postsason OT game. Joe Pavelski made sure of that tonight as the season grows one game longer.

Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights Recap: 2. Joe Pavelski on top of some great names

Joe Pavelski temporaily pole vaults two of the greatest players of our generation tonight with the game-winning goal. Joe Pavelski passed Alex Ovechkin to become the leader of playoff goals among active players in the league right now. The reason I say temporaily is since Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin are still active players, they could pass Pavelski if they make the postseason next year. For now, Joe Pavelski is just looking forward to playing on Saturday night in Vegas.

Dallas Stars vs Vegas Golden Knights Recap: 1. Revenge of the Otter

“Got to trade Otter” and “Otter is overrated” were some of the tweets that I saw after Game 3 on Tuesday night. Well Jake Oettinger went home Tuesday and probably read half of those tweets and came out and shut up all of the haters tonight. Otter was more patient between the pipes compared to Tuesday and that helped the Stars win tonight. Let’s hope we get the same Otter on Saturday night as the series heads back to the Vegas Strip for Game 5.