Three reasons why Logan Stankoven should start in Cedar Park

Can’t you believe we are only a few weeks away from the start of Dallas Stars training camp? It feels like we just got done with the Western Conference Finals a couple of months ago. A lot of the players have already returned to town and hit the rink for practice. One of the main players that fans are excited to see this training camp is top prospect Logan Stankoven. He is one of the prospects that could steal a roster spot from someone this year.

Now before we just hand him a roster spot because he is one of the best prospects we have, he’s got to earn his spot on the roster. Let’s take a look at three reasons why it would be beneficial for him to begin his NHL career down in Cedar Park with the Texas Stars.

Logan Stankoven Cedar Park Start: 3. You want him to get experience

I’m sure that you have heard over and over again this offseason that the Stars’ opening night roster is basically set. The last thing you want is Logan Stankoven burning a year off of his contract sitting up in the suite and absolutely learning nothing. That’s why he should go down to Cedar Park and get playing time down there. I know Texas Stars Head Coach Neil Graham would love to use him on the second or top line this upcoming season.

Logan Stankoven Cedar Park Start: 2. See which players he works best with

Another reason why he should go down and spend some time in Cedar Park is to see which players he has good chemistry with. Graham can move him around with different prospects and see who Stankoven gels well with. We already know that he plays well with Matthew Seminoff. I would like to see who else he gels well with. That way when he is ready for the NHL, Dallas Stars Head Coach Pete DeBoer knows who to pair Stankoven with for a lethal line.

Logan Stankoven Cedar Park Start: 1. He has to earn his spot on opening night roster

Stankoven should be sent down to Cedar Park with the Texas Stars because he has to earn his spot on the roster. He shouldn’t be handed a spot on the opening night roster unless he has absolutely earned it. Just because he is our top prospect doesn’t mean he can skip the AHL like Wyatt Johnston did last season. Johnston got a nine-day tryout and earned his spot by the end of the nine games.