Burn the tapes: Dallas Stars prospects lose 5-1 to Toronto Maple Leafs

Well, I don’t know really how to describe the Stars’ prospects game last night other than a beer hockey league game. The Dallas Stars went on to lose 5-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs prospects. All I can say is burn those tapes after they go over them today. There was really no game footage to save after that blowout. The Stars will wrap up the tournament tomorrow morning as they take on the Columbus Blue Jackets. Here are the main takeaways from the game last night.

Dallas Stars vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Recap: 3. Injuries were crucial

The Stars suffered some injuries against the Detroit Red Wings on Thursday. Lian Bischel, Artem Grushnikov, and Oskar Bäck all suffered non-serious injuries and should be fine. You could tell the defense suffered from Grushnikov and Bichsel being held out of the game. Luckily all three will be fine and be ready for the start of training camp.

Dallas Stars vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Recap: 2. We need a second opinion on Thomson

Now before you start questioning this takeaway, Thomson was fine in goal last night. The reason why I’m bringing this up is because he was hung out to dry by the defense last night. He made some incredible saves throughout the game but when you have three to four guys crashing in on the net, bad things are going to happen. I would like to see him get some playing time in the preseason games. Hopefully, the defense won’t hang him out to dry then.

Dallas Stars vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Recap: 1. Stankoven looked more settled

If you watched Logan Stankoven on Thursday night, he looked kind of rough. Given it was his first hockey game in a couple of months, I’ll let it slide. He looked a lot better on Friday night as he was very smart handling the puck and making sure to pass it to open teammates if he was covered. He would have buried a couple of goals if it wasn’t for a delayed pass from a teammate or the crossbar. I can’t wait to see how he does on Sunday morning in the final game in Traverse City.