Complete Disaster and Nightmare: Philadelphia Flyers dominated the Dallas Stars 5-1

The Dallas Stars traveled to Philadelphia to take on the Philadelphia Flyers tonight. However, I think the Stars left their team in Texas because they were non-existent tonight. The Flyers dominated the Stars 5-1 tonight. This was probably the worst loss for the Stars this year. Here are the three takeaways from the loss to the Flyers tonight.
Jan 18, 2024; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Flyers center Scott Laughton (21) and
Jan 18, 2024; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Flyers center Scott Laughton (21) and / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

That was a complete dumpsterfire of a performance tonight against the Philadelphia Flyers. The Stars were living a nightmare for 60 minutes as the Stars lost 5-1 against the Flyers. I was glad I was flying to Detroit during this game and missed it. The Stars have too much talent to only score one goal in the entire game. I could see why Jake Oettinger might sign somewhere else once his contract expires in Dallas. Let's look at the takeaways from the Flyer's beatdown of the Stars.

Dallas Stars vs. Philadelphia Flyers Recap: 3. Oettinger is not to blame

Oettinger was left out to dry by his team once again. He kept the Stars in the game for as long as he could. I saw some of the goals the Flyers scored, and the defense just stood there. Owen Tippett's goals were highlight-worthy, and Oettinger could have done nothing about that. If the Stars are going to play like tonight on Saturday night, Oettinger is will the last line of defense. The defense has to step it up, or else there needs to be a trade.

Dallas Stars vs. Philadelphia Flyers Recap: 2. Offense just quit

It looked like another game where the Stars went through the motions for 60 minutes. As mentioned above, the Stars have too much talent to score only a goal. Stars' fans witnessed them running up the score against the Chicago Blackhawks on New Year's Eve. You must tip your caps to the Flyers for shutting down the team tonight. If the Stars want to win the Central Division this season, they can't pick and choose which nights they want to play hockey.

Dallas Stars vs. Philadelphia Flyers: 1. Thank the Lord for Pasta

I'm not talking about Italian food in this section. I'm talking about the Boston Bruins and their big win over the Avalanche tonight. Bruins right winger David "Pasta" Pastrnak scored a hat trick against the Avalanche. The Bruins beat the Avalanche 5-2 and helped the Stars out. That means that the Avalanche stay right where they are in the standings. If the Avalanche were to have won that game, they would have been back to six points above the Stars in the standings.

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