Could we see another brotherly reunion on the Stars later this season?

St Louis Blues v Calgary Flames
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Before I get into this possible trade situation, the Dallas Stars are not bringing back Jordie Benn. That ship has sailed and we need to look at ways to improve the team. With the recent fallout of the St. Louis Blues firing their coach and some players shocked by the move, the Stars could capitalize on this coaching move.

Would it be cool to see the Stars reunite the Kyrou brothers here in Dallas by trading for Jordan Kyrou? I know Christian Kyrou needs a couple of seasons of development but trading for his brother could benefit Christian's development. Based on the recent contract Kyrou recently signed, this will more than likely not happen at all. Let's take a look at the Stars looking at possibly trading for forward Jordan Kyrou.

Jordan Kyrou Possible Trade: Why should the Stars look into the situation?

The reason why the Stars should look into this is because of the recent fallout of Craig Beube getting fired. Kyrou has been with the Blues his entire NHL career and with the ways things are going on with the organization. he might want a change of scenery. He has two seasons including this one in which he can be traded before his no-trade clause starts during the 2025-26 season. With him earning eight million and some change until the 2030-31 season, the Stars' front office would have to think long and hard about this.

Jordan Kyrou Possible Trade: Why would the Stars benefit from this?

The Stars would add another great goal scorer to compliment their impressive group of forwards. It would also give them another threat that teams would have to worry about on the ice. He could gel on Jamie Benn's line or maybe he could play on Tyler Seguin's line if they want to move on from Marchment. I don't know if Marchment has the Blues on his limited trade list but I'm just throwing out some trade ideas.

It could also give Christian some motivation to develop and make the Stars' roster faster. I don't think he would pass up possibly playing with his older brother at the next level. If Christian were to make it on the opening night roster down the road, Jordan could give him guidance on the ins and outs of being an everyday NHL player.

Jordan Kyrou Possible Trade: Why the Stars more than likely won't trade for him

In conclusion, I doubt we will see the Stars trade for Jordan Kyrou. The Stars will not add another massive deal to their current salary cap. They are about to get Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin off the books soon and they have other players that need new deals soon. In conclusion, the Stars could seriously benefit from a Jordan Kyrou trade. However, based on the recent extension that he signed and the fact the Stars need to play the younger players soon, Jordan won't be in a Stars uniform anytime soon.