Dallas Stars eight-game win streak ends in Chicago against the Blackhawks

The Dallas Stars had one of those off days against a non-playoff opponent. Their eight-game win streak ended as the Stars lost to the Chicago Blackhawks 3-2 this afternoon. Here are the three takeaways from the game in Chicago.
Apr 6, 2024; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Andreas Athanasiou (89) attempts to
Apr 6, 2024; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Blackhawks center Andreas Athanasiou (89) attempts to / Seeger Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, all things must come to an end. The winning streak that the Stars went on these past eight games was remarkable. However, a hockey team can have an off day, and the Stars took one against the Chicago Blackhawks. The Stars' eight-game losing streak was snapped by the Blackhawks 3-2 this afternoon. Petr Mrázek played a stellar game between the pipes that must be acknowledged.

Mavrik Bourque made his NHL debut for the Stars this afternoon. Seeing all three youngsters on the ice together for the first time gave me the chills. He played well paired with Jamie Benn and Logan Stankoven. He had some great chances to score his first NHL goal this afternoon. Hopefully, Mavrik will be rewarded with a home game when the Stars return home from their road trip. Here are the three takeaways from the game this afternoon against the Blackhawks.

Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks: 3. Going through the motions

The Stars must have taken the day off against the Blackhawks this afternoon. Midway through the first period, you could tell that the Stars were going through the motions because they thought they had an easy win. The Blackhawks took advantage of that and scored three goals in the second period. That's all it took to beat the Stars today. Stars fans hope the Stars are ready to use all that energy they didn't use today against the Colorado Avalanche tomorrow night.

Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks: 2. Missing easy goals

The Stars had many chances to put the game away with easy wide-open goals but couldn't convert. This is the last habit the Stars learn going into the playoffs in two weeks. Jason Robertson had an easy goal in the first period, but he passed the puck to his teammate. Mrázek was lying flat on his stomach with all the real estate above him to score. Not converting on these scoring attempts could bite the Stars during their playoff run. Hopefully, the Stars look back at this game and learn from their mistakes.

Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks: 1. Wedgewood looked out of sorts

Even though most of the goals scored by Chicago were because of poor defense, Wedgewood looked out of sorts. I don't know if it's from a lack of sleep due to his newborn daughter or just rust from sitting on the bench. Wedgewood must return to his prime backup goaltending form in the next two weeks. He might get called upon if Jake Oettinger has an off night during the playoff run. Wedgewood came out of the crease to defend a shot attempt. This is something that he needs to fix before the playoffs begin. All the Stars can do is travel to Denver, Colorado, to take on the Avalanche.

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