Dallas Stars look to slow down the Detroit Red Wings tonight at the American Airlines Center

Dallas Stars v Detroit Red Wings
Dallas Stars v Detroit Red Wings / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The Dallas Stars look to get the bad taste out of their mouths tonight as they welcome the Detroit Red Wings to the American Airlines Center tonight. The Stars got humiliated at home this past Saturday by the Vegas Golden Knights.

After the game, the team recognized that it was not Dallas Stars Hockey and looked to move on and learn from their mistakes. Even though the Red Wings are in the middle of the Atlantic Division right now, the Stars can't count them out tonight. Here are the three keys of the game tonight against the Red Wings.

Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings Preview: 3. Get out to that quick start

I know I sound like a broken record right now but it's how you win hockey games in this day and age. The Stars need to get out to a quick start to keep the Detroit Red Wings at bay tonight. I'm sure we all remember the crazy game they had recently where they scored three goals in a short amount of time. Even though it was the San Jose Sharks, the Red Wings could do it to any team in the league. If the Stars get out to that early lead, they should easily take out the Red Wings tonight.

Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings Preview: 2. Shut down Alex DeBrincat

The Stars will probably have an easier job slowing down the Red Wings tonight with Dylan Larkin out. For those who didn't see the hit he took against the Ottawa Senators the other night, the Red Wings most likely will hold him out as a precaution. Blackout Dallas wishes him a speedy recovery and hopefully, he will return to the ice soon.

However, Alex DeBrincat is still going to be an issue for the Stars tonight. He is the leading scorer on the Red Wings with 13 goals going into the game tonight. If the Stars can shut down DeBrincat, the Stars should be able to win tonight's game against the Red Wings.

Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings Preview: 1. Get every line contributing to the score tonight

The Stars need everyone to start contributing to the scoresheet beginning tonight. They cannot rely on Tyler Seguin's line for every goal this season. Pavelski and Sons need to get back to their dominant scoring ways by helping chip in tonight against the Red Wings. That goes for Jamie Benn's line and the checking line as well. I want to see them dominate the Red Wings like they did against the Tampa Bay Lightning. If the Stars can get goals from multiple lines tonight, they should take the air out of the Red Wings.