Down on the Farm: Texas Stars lose two out of three games on the road last week

The Texas Stars had an absymal week on the road up north only winning one game last week. The offense went cold as Grand Rapids and Chicago found a way to keep Mavrik Bourque and Logan Stankoven cold. It was a big learning lesson for the Dallas Stars' prospects. Find out more in this week's Down on the Farm Report.
Feb 18, 2023; Dallas, Texas, USA; Dallas Stars center Fredrik Karlstrom (51) and center Ty
Feb 18, 2023; Dallas, Texas, USA; Dallas Stars center Fredrik Karlstrom (51) and center Ty / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know what to say about the Texas Stars last week. They looked good last Wednesday night against the Grand Rapids Griffins 2-0 and Remi Poirier collected his first professional AHL shutout. However, we got a completely different team on Friday and Saturday night.

Logan Stankoven and Mavrik Bourque went cold and it's unusual for both players. The Stars have got to find a way to produce offense when the top two players on the team can't get anything going. Let's look at how the Stars did last week in the latest Down on the Farm report.

Texas Stars Recap: Bourque and Stankoven go cold

Just when I thought both of our superstars were ready for the NHL, they hit a roadblock. Bourque and Stankoven have gone cold on the scoreboard. Out of both of them, Stankoven was the only one to record an assist last week.

There were no goals scored by either of them. I guess the AHL coaches had enough of them roasting their team and found a way to stop them offensively. They will have these cold streaks in the NHL Let's see if Bourque or Stankoven can record a goal or an assist this week at home against the Griffins.

Texas Stars Recap: The unique case of Fredrik Karlstrom

The one Stars prospect that has intrigued me other than Stankoven or Bourque has to be Fredrik Karlstrom. Karlstrom has improved this season and I could see him possibly being called up this season. He currently has nine goals and nine assists right now. I could see Karlstrom placed on the third or fourth line if there was an injury. He has the physical strength to put opposing players in their place. Keep an eye on him as the AHL season moves along. I can see why the Stars brought him back to Cedar Park.

Texas Stars Recap: Going into the Christmas Break

The Texas Stars have two more games before they take a break for Christmas. They will take on the Grand Rapids Griffins at the H-E-B Center on Tuesday and Wednesday at 7 PM CT. These will be the final two games before the Stars return to action against the Manitoba Moose on Dec. 29. Check in later this weekend to find out how the Texas Stars did against the Griffins on the next Down on the Farm Report.