How can the NHL fix the All-Star voting system so it doesn't seem rigged

After a massive push by Dallas Stars' fans on social media, Fans found out no other Stars player will join Jake Oettinger at the 2024 All-Star Game in Toronto. A lot of hockey fans were mad when five Vancouver Canucks and three Toronto Maple Leafs players made it in. Here is how the league can fix the voting system to where it doesn't seem rigged in one team's favor.
2023 NHL All-Star
2023 NHL All-Star / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The final 12 players for the 2024 NHL All-Star game were announced yesterday, and hockey fans aren't happy again this season. The reason why is eight of the players voted in were from two different hockey clubs. Five Vancouver Canucks and three Toronto Maple Leafs players were voted in. Even though both teams are doing well this season, some players don't deserve to be in the game. Here is how the NHL can fix their All-Star Game voting system so fans are happy next season.

NHL All-Star Game Voting System Solution: Allow the fans to vote in the team's representative

In recent seasons, the NHL has selected at least one player from each team to be in the All-Star game. The players that the league chooses can be questionable at times. For example, Matt Duchene or Roope Hintz should have represented the Stars this season instead of Jake Oettinger. No offense to Oettinger, but his stats this season aren't all-star caliber.

The NHL should allow the fans to vote for their team's representative. The one player with the most votes will represent their club at the All-Star game. The league will then fill in the remaining slots by selecting players who did well in the first half of the season. This way, Canadian teams don't make up most of the players voted in.

NHL All-Star Game Voting System Solution: Bright side to only one Stars player going to the game this season.

If you saw the All-Star jerseys trending on Twitter last night, don't look at them. They are pretty hideous, and the design should have been selected. The Central Division will be wearing the Yellow Mustard jerseys this season. I'm sure Oettinger will throw up as he sees it in his locker. I don't know how these jerseys represent Toronto. The Miami neon-style jerseys last season represented Florida well. These jerseys feel like they were thrown together at the last minute.

To wrap up this article, the Stars will only have one representative in the All-Star game. With how the Stars played in the first half of the season, they deserve at least two players. All the Stars' fan base can do now is cheer Oettinger on when the Central Division takes the ice.

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