Why calling up Matej Blumel instead of Logan Stankoven or Mavrik Bourque is the right move, given the situation

Dallas Stars fans were disappointed that Matej Blumel was called up last night over Logan Stankoven and Mavrik Bourque. While our top two prospects deserve their debut, Blumel makes the most sense due to the situation. Here's why calling up Blumel was the right move by the Stars.
Oct 3, 2023; Dallas, Texas, USA; Dallas Stars left wing Matej Blumel (25) and Colorado Avalanche
Oct 3, 2023; Dallas, Texas, USA; Dallas Stars left wing Matej Blumel (25) and Colorado Avalanche / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's not the prospect Dallas Stars fans were hoping for, but it was the right move. Most fans wanted to see Logan Stankoven or Mavrik Bourque make their NHL debuts later this afternoon against the Boston Bruins. With Evgenii Dadonov going to the LTIR, Blumel makes the most sense, given the situation the Stars are in now. He has the NHL experience that Stankoven and Bourque lack at the moment. Here's why calling up Blumel was the right move with the scenario they are facing now.

Matej Blumel Call Up: Who is Matej Blumel?

For those who don't know about Blumel, Nill signed him to a two-year entry-level contract in the summer of 2022. Since being with the organization, Blumel has shown that he can provide value to the Stars in multiple ways on the ice. This season, he was a representative alongside Stankoven and Bourque at the 2024 AHL All-Star Game in San Jose. He has 20 goals and 18 assists this season with the Texas Stars.

Matej Blumel Call Up: Why the Stars called him up instead of their top prospects

The Stars called up Blumel over their top two prospects because he plays better on the bottom lines. Jim Nill won't call up Stankoven or Bourque to get ten minutes of playing on the bottom two lines. The only time we might see either of them called up is if someone from the top two lines gets injured. Blumel has NHL experience and played on the bottom two lines last season. That's why they brought Blumel up over the top two prospects.

Matej Blumel Call Up: Conclusion

For those who are sad Bourque or Stankoven weren't called up, they will be on the team shortly. The last thing Pete DeBoer wants to do tomorrow is snap Stankoven out of it if he ends up like a deer in headlights against the Bruins. Stankoven could get his debut next month against a bottom-feeder team like the San Jose Sharks (sorry, Blades of Teal). Blumel has already got his first game under his belt and knows his role against the Bruins. Let's enjoy Blumel on the ice as he tries to earn a contract extension while he is up with Dallas.

Update: Blumel was sent back down to the AHL for Derrick Pouliot and Alexander Petrovic. Blumel was used as a salary cap move in order to bring both of them up together.

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