Wish Upon A Star: Top RW targets for Stars to target in NHL Draft (Part 2 of 2)

The Dallas Stars could find a right-wing prospect in the later rounds of the 2024 NHL Draft next week. Some gems are awaiting to hear their name selected by the Dallas Stars. Here are some of those prospects that the Stars could draft in the later rounds.
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The Dallas Stars are known for finding late-round gems on day two of the NHL Draft. Don't be surprised if the Stars were to snag a couple of those this year. In the second half of today's installment of Wish Upon A Star, we will continue to look at the right-wing position. This afternoon, we looked at some right-wing prospects who could be drafted in the first round with pick number 29.

Sam O'Reilly would fit into the Stars' offense with his mobility and ability to score goals. Most NHL Writers have the Stars drafting him with the 29th pick overall if he's available when the Stars are on the clock. With that being said, Here are some more right-wing prospects that could be a part of the Stars' franchise by the end of the NHL Draft.

Hiroki Gojsic

Gojsic is a right-wing prospect who could be drafted in the later rounds next week. He scored 21 goals last season with the Kelowna Rockets. His tools make him a possibility to be a menace around the front of the net. The reason why he's projected in the later rounds is because of how raw of a player he is. He needs more time to develop into that menace that NHL Scouts have mentioned he can be. Nill can stash him with the Kelowna Rockets and see what happens over the next couple of seasons

Kasper Pikkaranen

The young Finnish wing could end up being a threat on the ice. His 6'3 height has NHL GM's intrigued. He will likely be a late-round stash and develop player due to needing to develop his game. He can see plays develop before his eyes and finds his teammates open down the ice. Nill would probably stash him and hope he turns into a late-round gem with some of their late-round selections. What is the worst that could happen by selecting him on day two of the draft?

Matevi Gridin

Gridin could be a second-round steal, but the Stars must trade back into the second round. He scored 38 goals and recorded 45 assists with the Muskegon Lumberjacks of the USHL last year. He's got the tools to be a threat on the offensive end of the ice. His mobility would need to be fine-tuned, but that's easy for the Stars' development coaches to fix. If the Stars traded back into the second round and drafted him, Nill would be well on his way to a third straight GM of the Year award.

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