Dallas Stars conclude their roadtrip visiting New Jersey to play the Devils

The Dallas Stars will not be appearing on a Jersey Shore reunion episode on MTV. They will be visiting New Jersey to take on the Devils to finish their 4 game road trip. This will be another back-to-back game scenario but luckily the flight from Philadelphia is a short one. The Stars should be well-rested for this game. Here is how the Stars can close out their road trip in a winning fashion against the Devils.

Dallas Stars vs New Jersey Devils: 3. Bring the holy water

The Stars need to bring the “holy water” tonight and that is scoring goals. They need to be as aggressive as they were in Philly last night by creating scoring attempts early and often. Luckily, they won’t have to deal with Carter Hart, so that’s one good thing about trying to score against the Devils.

 Dallas Stars vs New Jersey Devils: 2. Give Jack Hughes some “southern hospitality”

The Stars also need to give Jack Hughes a refresher on what “southern hospitality” means in hockey terms. The Stars need to rough him up a bit tomorrow night by checking him when he has the puck. I know he only has 10 goals this season, but I just have a hunch he will be an issue tomorrow night. If he’s afraid of the Dallas Stars logo after tonight’s game, the Stars gave him a good lesson.

Dallas Stars vs New Jersey Devils: 1. Let’s finish this road trip the right way.

I would like to see the Stars end this road trip the right way and that’s with a victory. Considering losing to the worst team in the league a week ago, this would be the best way to forget about that loss and keep moving in the right direction. I would like to see a lot of momentum on the Stars side as they get ready to celebrate Sergei Zubov’s number being raised into the AAC rafters Friday night.