Dallas Stars prospects power past the Red Wings 4-2

The Dallas Stars prospects surprised everyone last night as they went into the opening game of the prospect tournament focused. You could tell that they were prepared and were ready to hit someone else for a change.

The Stars won 4-2 over the Detroit Red Wings Prospects as Lian Bichsel was the standout star of the game last night. Considering he was coming off ankle surgery, he looked fantastic last night on the ice. Let’s look at how the Stars did with the three takeaways from last night’s victory over the Red Wings.

Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings: 3. Got some very physical prospects

One of the things that stuck out to me last night was the physical play from some of our prospects. They played really good defense last night during the penalty kill along with even strength. I was concerned with Bichsel as he was just coming off ankle surgery but he shut me up in the first period. One of the main things that you should take away from the victory is these guys will not be pushed around on the ice.

Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings: 2. Stankoven is strong

Another thing that was awesome to see is Stankoven not taking any crap from taller players on the ice. At 5’7, a lot of people said Stankoven was really small for an NHL player and would be pushed around easily when he entered the NHL Draft. Well, Mr. Stankoven was throwing his body at people last night showing he can be very physical as well as being a scoring threat. If there were any doubts about Stankoven playing with the big boys, he put those to rest last night.

Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings: 1. Lian Bichsel could be a threat in training camp

If I were a defenseman on the Dallas Stars roster right now, I’d be nervous about losing my job right now. Bichsel came to play last night showing that he is very physical coming off that ankle surgery.

I think if Bichsel can demonstrate that he can be a physical force during training camp, he could take an opening night roster spot. The Stars lacked physicality late into the playoffs and a player like Bichsel is what they needed. Personally, I would let Bichsel have a year with the Texas Stars before calling him up to Dallas, but he could bypass that if he continues playing like he did last night.