A collective effort helps the Dallas Stars tie the series at two

The Dallas Stars rose to the occasion Monday night as they found a way to beat Logan Thompson. While some goals were bizarre ways to score, the Stars would take those any day against the Golden Knights. Here are the three takeaways from the game.
Apr 29, 2024; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Dallas Stars right wing Evgenii Dadonov (63) celebrates after
Apr 29, 2024; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Dallas Stars right wing Evgenii Dadonov (63) celebrates after / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars have done the impossible last night. After losing both games on home ice, the Stars have tied the series up at two. There is no quit in the Dallas Stars' DNA, and I bet it won't stop when they return home for game five. The Stars beat the Golden Knights 4-2 on Monday night to make this a best-of-three series. This was the team that fans expected to take the ice to begin the series. You can expect the Stars to bring the same energy on Wednesday night as they try to take the series lead.

It seems that the Stars were able to crack the code on how to score on Logan Thompson. He has issues making saves with elevated shots, especially on his stick side. There were a couple of goals last night that lady luck helped the Stars. Evgenii Dadonov scored a bizarre goal after he flung the puck at the net, and it went off Thompson's shoulder. Ty Dellandrea's goal at the end of the second period was another. It doesn't matter how you shoot the puck at the net; it only matters if it goes in the net. Here are the three takeaways from the win over the Golden Knights last night.

Dallas Stars vs. Golden Knights: 3. Defense in the third period

That was some mighty fine defense the Stars had in the third period. Fans on Twitter were sweating the entire period because it felt like the third period of game seven. That was some of the best defense that the Stars had in the final frame of this series. That is the kind of defense that will win you the Stanley Cup. Jake Oettinger was fantastic as well. Pete DeBoer said after the game that when Oettinger is in his zone and focused, he's the best player on the ice.

Dallas Stars vs. Golden Knights: 2. Wyatt "Clutch" Johnston

He will bankrupt the Dallas Stars with his next contract if he continues to be everywhere on the ice. Johnston had some Red Bulls before the game because he had the Zoomies on the ice last night. He single-handedly made this a new series with how he's played in the past two games. Johnston's alertness on the power play last night tied the game up in the second period. If Johnston is on his game Wednesday night, Vegas might be in trouble.

Dallas Stars vs. Golden Knights: 1. Cracking the code

The Stars will probably elevate more of their shots on Wednesday night after solving how to beat Thompson. As mentioned above, he can't defend shots well between his shoulder and head. Shooting the puck at his weak points should be the main point during practice before game five. The Stars' coaching staff must meet and draw up a game plan for Wednesday night to elevate the puck. It could give them their first lead of the series Wednesday.

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