Benn There Done That 2.0: Stars clinch NHL Playoffs spot with 3-1 win over Vancouver Canucks

Jamie Benn is on a goal-scoring streak, and it's a good thing going for the Dallas Stars right now. His late power-play goal helped the Stars clinch their playoff spot in the 3-1 win over the Canucks. Here are the three takeaways from tonight.

Dallas Stars v Vancouver Canucks
Dallas Stars v Vancouver Canucks / Ethan Cairns/GettyImages

Jamie Benn is on a heater that fans shouldn't want to stop until the end of the season. Benn's late power-play goal in the third period propelled the Stars to a 3-1 win over the Vancouver Canucks tonight. It was a big win for the Stars in a playoff atmosphere in Vancouver. Jake Oettinger deserves all the steak dinners after tonight's game for standing on his head. He was the main reason the Stars were still in the game in the third period. Here are the three takeaways from tonight's win against the Canucks.

Dallas Stars vs. Vancouver Canucks Recap: 1. TXU Energy Power Play

The Stars finally scored a couple of power play goals against the Canucks tonight. It's the main reason why the Stars clinched their playoff spot tonight. Roope Hintz scored the first one which the Canucks challenged and lost. Benn scored the second one late in the third period which gave the Stars the late lead. It's great to see the power play return to it's former glory right before the playoffs. Let's continue this energy on Saturday night against the Seattle Kraken.

Dallas Stars vs. Vancouver Canucks Recap: 2. Nothing much to take away from the second period

The referees wanted to make a cameo in tonight's game because they made bad calls both ways in the second period. It was to the point that another crew would have let that interference call go. The whole second period was a special teams period. That's what happened in the second period tonight. Stankoven was active in the second period, getting good chances to score a goal. DeSmith was solid as a rock and prevented him from scoring. Periods like that will happen in hockey.

Dallas Stars vs. Vancouver Canucks Recap: 1. Jamie Benn getting his 900th assist

Jamie Benn continued his point streak tonight and recorded his 900th career assist on Hintz's power-play goal in the first period. Benn is second in points with the Stars franchise. It amazes me to this day that the Stars were able to find him late in the draft. You would think a player of Benn's caliber would have been drafted higher up. The Stars took a gamble on him in 2007, and it's paid off dividends. The Stars wrap up their road trip on Saturday night as they take on the Seattle Kraken. Make sure to put the coffee pot on for that game as well.

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