Dallas Stars give an uninspiring performance this afternoon against the Vegas Golden Knights

I don't even know where to start about today's game against the Golden Knights this afternoon. The Stars came out flat and deserved to lose 6-1 today. It's like they didn't even go over a scouting report for the Knights. I would even go as far as to say they look like they would be under the catagory "pretenders" for the Stanley Cup. They need to be practing four hours tomorrow because we should not lose to the Detroit Red Wings.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

I'm surprised Dallas Stars Owner Tom Gaglardi hasn't refunded everyone who attended today's game for that uninspiring performance. That was the worst loss the Stars have had this season so far. For those who didn't watch the game this afternoon, you didn't miss much at all. The Stars ended up losing 6-1 to the Vegas Golden Knights. When I saw that Roope Hintz was going to be out today due to being sick, I knew it was going to be a very long game for the Stars today.

The reason why the article picture is the puck from today's game is that none of the players on the Stars' roster deserve to be the article photo after the game. I don't have three takeaways from the game because it was just an utter mess today. The Stars' front office has a lot of work to do if they want this team to be a playoff contender and win the Central Division title.

It all starts with the defensemen and how bad they have been recently. It's hard to describe their play since they are all over the place on the ice in the Stars' zone. The Golden Knights completely picked them apart and capitalized by scoring goals. Personally, the Golden Knights deserved to win because they looked like they went over a scouting report and were prepared for the Stars. Something needs to change with the defensemen core if they want to be true Stanley Cup contenders.

For the Stars offense, there should be no excuse for only scoring one goal today. The Golden Knights gave them a break today by starting Logan Thompson instead of Adin Hill today. When I saw him standing in the goal before the opening puck drop, I thought the offense was going to off on him today. Unfortunately, all the Stars had in the tank was an Evgenii Dadonov goal. With the amount of offensive talent the Stars have, they should be averaging at least two to three goals a game.

And to wrap up this article, let's talk about Jake Oettinger and his recent play. Oettinger looked like he might have had the flu as well. There were a lot of goals that he gave up today that he didn't in the other two games against the Golden Knights this year. I think he is playing with an injury right now because he doesn't want to let down the team. If he's injured, the Stars need to put him on the IR and bring up Matt Murray from Cedar Park. I rather have a healthy Oettinger than an injured Oettinger.