Dallas Stars shatter the Buffalo Sabres 3-2 for their 50th win this season

The Dallas Stars entered tonight's game against the Buffalo Sabres with one goal, win the hockey game. While the start of the game didn't go how Dallas intended it to, they kept their composure to win 3-2. Here are the three takeaways from tonight.
Apr 9, 2024; Dallas, Texas, USA; Dallas Stars defenseman Chris Tanev (3) and center Joe Pavelski
Apr 9, 2024; Dallas, Texas, USA; Dallas Stars defenseman Chris Tanev (3) and center Joe Pavelski / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There are some home games where the Stars keep the fans on the edge of their seat. Tonight was one of those nights where the Stars looked like they were playing down to their opponent. However, the Stars snapped out of it to win 3-2 over the Buffalo Sabres. Even though the Stars won, some things must be fixed before the playoffs begin. It begins with Jake Oettinger giving up soft goals. For example, the second Sabres shouldn't have gone in. He has to be sharp between the pipes in the playoffs. A goal like that could completely shift the momentum of a playoff game.

The Stars won their 50th game this season tonight. That makes it five seasons where the Stars have won 50 goals in a season. They also won their 25th comeback victory, which ties a franchise record. These are two solid takeaways from the game tonight. The Stars were never out of it when the Sabres took a 2-1 lead into the middle frame. The resiliency that the Stars had tonight will come in handy when the playoffs begin.

Before we get to the three takeaways from the game tonight, I must bring up Miro's actions in the final frame tonight. I understand his frustrations with the officiating crew tonight, but you can't toss your glove out of the penalty box. That will get you ejected from any hockey game. It will probably be a one-time outburst from him, but you can't get ejected in a playoff game when you are the top defenseman on the team. Here are the three takeaways from the win over the Sabres tonight.

Dallas Stars vs. Buffalo Sabres: 3. Not letting Marchment's overturned goal get to the team

I was at the Frisco RoughRiders game earlier tonight during the first period and heard Mason Marchment's goal was overturned. I was concerned about how the team would let that affect them moving forward. The Stars didn't let it get to them because they scored two goals in the second frame. They learned a lesson tonight, which will help them in the playoffs when they're trailing in a game.

Dallas Stars vs. Buffalo Sabres: 2. Otter's play tonight

Another thing that concerned me was hearing how Oettinger allowed a goal to trickle between his legs tonight. While he looked sharp the remainder of the game, he needs to get that out of his system for the playoffs. As I mentioned above, a goal can swing the momentum of a playoff game fast. The Stars need the goaltender who shut out the Edmonton Oilers the other night. He must be sharp for Thursday's game against the Winnipeg Jets. A win can clinch the Central Division for the Stars.

Dallas Stars vs. Buffalo Sabres: 1. Wyatt Johnston

He's not having a sophomore slump like some NHL fans predicted this past offseason. Wyatt Johnston scored an amazing back-hander right in between the goaltender's legs. Fans didn't think Johnston would have 32 goals in his second season in the NHL. It's good that Johnston is putting the puck in the back of the net right before the playoffs begin. The Stars will need goals from Johnston if they want a deep run in the playoffs.

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