Did y'all think that Scott Wedgewood would give the Stars another friendly deal?

One of the backbone positions of a hockey team is the backup goaltender. They are expected to play at a minute's notice if the starting goaltender gets injured. It seems Scott Wedgewood won't give the Stars another team-friendly deal as of yesterday.
Los Angeles Kings v Dallas Stars
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Scott Wedgewood. He's a hockey player that you would find under the phrase "a scholar and a gentleman" in the dictionary. He has been a fan favorite in Dallas for the past couple of seasons. He is super friendly to the reporters and media. He's the player you want in the locker room playing for your hockey team. However, according to Sam Nestler of Daily Faceoff, Scott Wedgewood might be singing another tune as of yesterday.

Nestler announced yesterday that he recently spoke to the unrestricted free-agent goaltender. The Stars and Wedgewood seem far apart in negotiations for a new deal for next season. It shouldn't be a surprise because of the team-friendly extension he signed two seasons ago. I saw some fans on Twitter yesterday surprised and perplexed by this news. Wedgewood has earned a nice pay increase, especially after stepping in for a month with Jake Oettinger out last season.

Stars fans must prepare for the realization that Wedgewood could be playing elsewhere next season. Other teams for backup goaltenders that can pay more than the Stars can. If the Stars can't sign Wedgewood, there are other options that the Stars will look at to back up Jake Oettinger. Matt Murray could be a possible option to fill the vacancy if Wedgewood leaves. However, I don't know if the Stars want him backing up Oettinger. He finished with a 14-15-2 record with the Texas Stars.

If the Stars want to look elsewhere for a proven veteran goaltender, they should look at Kaapo Kähkönen. He would be a perfect backup goaltender with veteran experience. I wouldn't look too much into his stats with the San Jose Sharks. The Stars might be able to get him on a cheaper deal than Wedgewood is demanding at the moment. Kähkönen would be a couple of years older than Oettinger, but it shouldn't affect his play. A change of scenery like Dallas could do him some good.

If it was Wedgewood's last season as a Dallas Star, it was an honor to watch him. Wedgewood has helped develop Oettinger into the goaltender he's turned out to be. Any team would be lucky to have him be their backup goaltender in this league. The Stars must realize you can pay a little extra to keep their backup goaltender. Wedgewood is why the Stars didn't plummet into the abyss when Oettinger was injured. If the Stars realize they can get a couple more seasons out of him, Wedgewood can make more memories next season with Oettinger.

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