How the NHL trade deadline helped the Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars have been one of the hottest contenders this season, so they were going to make big moves before and at the NHL trade deadline.

Dallas Stars v San Jose Sharks
Dallas Stars v San Jose Sharks / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

We knew the Dallas Stars would make a big buy around the NHL trade deadline, and they didn’t disappoint us when they executed a three-team trade with the Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils for defenseman Chris Tanev. Dallas got much-needed help on the blue line while they also acquired signing rights to Cole Brady, and in return, they gave up a modest haul to the Calgary Flames. 

Calgary received the intriguing Artyom Grushnikov, a 2024 second-rounder, plus a conditional third-rounder in 2026. Not bad, considering Tanev is an aging defenseman who will give Dallas solid but unspectacular play and has done so throughout his first few games as a Star. 

Dallas needed help to finalize the deal, so the Devils came on to retain some of Tanev’s contract, so they sent a fourth-round pick in 2026 to Newark. 

One solid deal before the NHL trade deadline helped the Dallas Stars

Could the Stars have done more? Absolutely. It would have been ‘nice’ to see Dallas force another acquisition or two, but the question is, was it ‘necessary?’ The answer is no, as the only real necessity involved Dallas getting help from an experienced blueliner, and that’s what they got. 

They also made a subsequent under-the-radar move with the Flames on March 7th that saw them bring in Mathias Emilio Pettersen for Riley Damiani, but other than that, Dallas stayed neutral while everyone else sought last-minute acquisitions. 

Overall, the Stars didn’t have the flashiest trade deadline season, given the simple game Tanev plays, but he will block shots, get physical with opponents, and kill penalties. It’s all the Stars needed, and that one move could take them a long way if they keep winning. 

Since Tanev’s arrival, Dallas has won three straight games, even if one of those was too close for comfort against the San Jose Sharks. If they keep up their current trajectory, then Tanev was one sensational add, and the no-frills approach during deadline week was the right one.


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference, information provided by Cap Friendly)