With Lundkvist experiencing concussion-like symptoms, Nill doesn't have to make trade this afternoon

The Dallas Stars held their breath as they watched Nils Lundkvist leave the game after a hard check into the board in the first period. With a tough upcoming road trip next week, does Jim Nill need to make a trade this afternoon? Here is why Nill won't make an impulse trade this afternoon.

Feb 13, 2024; Dallas, Texas, USA; Dallas Stars defenseman Ryan Suter (20) and center Roope Hintz
Feb 13, 2024; Dallas, Texas, USA; Dallas Stars defenseman Ryan Suter (20) and center Roope Hintz / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Most Stars' fans held their breath after Nils Lundkvist was checked hard into the boards in the first period. With how well he was playing recently, that was the last player the Stars needed to get injured. With how shaky the defense has been this season, it seems like one injury could force Jim Nill to make an urgent trade before the deadline. However, Jim Nill planned for this situation during the offseason and probably won't make an urgent trade. Let's examine why Nill doesn't need to hit the Defcon one button yet.

Nill urgent defenseman trade: Why was last night concerning?

If you couldn't watch last night's game against the Predators, Lundkvist was checked into the boards hard and left the game. Pete DeBoer talked with the media this morning and mentioned he was experiencing concussion-like symptoms and would be looked at by doctors tomorrow. This was the best-case scenario the Stars could have received. With how hard he was checked into the boards, it looked like he might have broken a rib or two.

Nill urgent defenseman trade: Why Jim is relaxed right now

Jim is relaxed and not on the phone with multiple GMs this morning because he has veteran defensemen in the AHL. Gavin Bayreuther is 29 years old and has played in the NHL before. He could also bring up Alexander Petrovic, who likes to hit hard and could bring some physical strength that Lundkvist lacks. It's a blessing in disguise because the guys I mentioned could be plugged into the lineup immediately while Lunkvist recovers.

Nill urgent defenseman trade: Conclusion

While all-star defensemen like Chris Tanev and Sean Walker would be solid additions to the Stars' roster, Nill doesn't need to make an impulse trade today. Let's see if their prices go down near the Trade Deadline on March 8th. For now, let's see how long Lundkvist will be out for and call up someone from the AHL during his recovery. Some fans were questioning why Nill brought in some veteran defensemen for the AHL this season, and this injury proves it. Let's see how the Stars do on the upcoming road trip before making big decisions that could impact the franchise's long-term future.