Former Dallas Stars in the Playoffs: Eaves, Daley, and Fiddler

Cheering on former Dallas Stars players may be the only way for Stars fans to get involved in Stanley Cup Playoffs this year. With only four teams left and three notable former players, the decision on who to root for is getting easier.

As depressing as it is to see other teams playing in their conference finals this week, it’s easier to watch the playoffs with some former Dallas Stars player succeeding. With Patrick Eaves and  Vernon Fiddler matching up in the west and Trevor Daley taking on the Ottawa Senators in the east, there’s lots going on.

Trevor Daley – Pittsburgh Penguins

Defenseman who played 11 seasons with the Stars. In the 2015 offseason, Daley was part of a trade to the Blackhawks for Patrick Sharp and Stephen Johns. He was traded in December of 2015 to the Pittsburgh Penguins and he won his first Stanley Cup in 2016 with them.

Must be noted that he’s playing against the last Canadian team in the playoffs. My dad raised me to always root against the Canadian teams no matter how many Canadian players the Dallas Stars had on their roster. USA!

Currently injured with lower body injury. He missed the last two games in the Capital series. Still day-to-day.

Patrick Eaves – Anaheim Ducks

Defenseman who played 2.5 seasons with the Stars. Traded mid season this past year to the Ducks in exchange for what is officially a 1st round pick now that the Ducks are in the Western Conference Finals.

Currently out with a lower body injury. He missed the last four games in the Oilers series and game one of the Predators series. It’s a possibility he’ll return for game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

Vernon Fiddler- Nashville Predators

Center who played 5 seasons for the Stars. Signed with the New Jersey Devils in the 2016 offseason but was traded to Nashville after having a rough start for the Devils.

Scored game winner in Game 1 of the Blues series. Ejected from Game 2 the same series after a knee-on-knee hit but wasn’t suspended.

Stars Fans

As a Stars fan, I’m rooting for Nashville. I like to see an underdog, who’s never won the Stanley Cup, win it all. Plus it’s great seeing Fiddler, now 37, still making an impact on the ice. And Nashville was his original team. It’ll truly come full circle if he could win with Nashville. But with only 1 point in 4 games, he’s going to need some help from his other teammates to reach that goal.

If you’re looking for advice on who to cheer for…maybe look at Nashville. They are the only one with a non injured former Dallas Stars player. Hopefully Eaves and Daley will join their teams again soon but until then, I’m team Fid!