Dallas Stars trade deadline seemingly busted by Colorado Avalanche

Dallas Stars' fans thought they were about to win the trade deadline in the Central Division when all of a sudden, the Colorado Avalanche happened. The Avalanche matched the Stars' energy by making a couple of trades to improve their team.
Colorado Avalanche v Dallas Stars
Colorado Avalanche v Dallas Stars / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Dallas Stars didn't make very many moves ahead of the NHL 2023-24 Trade Deadline. Though there were a couple of signings, it hardly seems to compare when it comes to other teams' decisions. This seems particularly true in the case of the Stars' division rival, the Colorado Avalanche.

Examining the Trades Made By Colorado & Dallas

Casey Mittelstadt
Buffalo Sabres v Florida Panthers / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

This year's Dallas signings didn't come within the week of the deadline, but the Stars did make some impressive moves overall. However, the Colorado Avalanche was seen as a big winner when it came to the acquisition of Casey Mittelstadt, Yakov Trennin, Brandon Duhaime, and Sean Walker.

A top-six forward, a top-four defenseman, and several additions that will assist in offensive depth are nothing to laugh at. These players were exchanged with the Buffalo Sabres, notably for Bowen Byram. Overall, it seems like the Avalanche got a steal, considering they now have Buffalo's top scorer when the team needed a second-line scorer, which Mittelstadt should fit into. The potential depth this adds could prove troublesome for the Stars.

Chris Tanev
Florida Panthers v Dallas Stars / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Dallas Stars' biggest trade came the week before the deadline, as the team picked up defenseman Chris Tanev in exchange for a few draft picks and Artem Grushnikov. The deal was brokered between the Stars, the Calgary Flames, and the New Jersey Devils. While this isn't a blockbuster trade compared to the moves done by Colorado or the Vegas Golden Knights, there's a lot about the trade deadline fans should be happy about.

Why The Stars Actually Win Despite Making No Trades in Deadline Week

Logan Stankoven
New York Islanders v Dallas Stars / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Stars are currently in a good spot, needing to tighten up certain aspects of their game rather than do overhauls in any particular area. As a result, instead of shifting players and changing dynamics with big moves, they focused on the talent they'd previously acquired.

Moving Logan Stankoven up to the NHL from the AHL has proven to be effective for the team as a whole. Instead of sliding a player from a different franchise into the roster, the Stars are giving one of their most promising prospects a chance to make an impact now.

Additionally, Tanev could strengthen some of the defensive hiccups the Stars have had in recent years. The defense has a core pillar in Miro Heiskanen, but its overall success tends to waver. Tightening up defense and engaging in consistency in other areas will go a long way.

With injuries beginning to pile up as of late, the AHL call-ups and minor tweaks are the Stars' best chance to develop greater depth within the team without shifting around any big-name players or worsening cap space. While the Colorado Avalanche seemingly blew past the Dallas Stars during the week of the trade deadline, working with the teams' talents within could still be the best move for the Stars this year - and for years to come.

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